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So what is a marryoke?!

It's a music video! Featuring you and all your guests as the stars of the show.

But I can't sing...!!!

Doesn't matter! You mime. Just like singing into a hairbrush. With the magic of some skilled video editing we make it look like you're singing. Beautifully...

Sounds cheesy...

It is! Who doesn't love cheese?!

Why should we get you to do it...?

Because we're the best! See what previous clients think here. We're a small business with over ten years experience producing high-end video content and we'll make your video look amazing. We love what we do, take great pride in our work and want you to be really happy with the end result.

Unlike some marryoke producers we film every single line of the song. We arrive early and we stay until the very end to make sure we capture the whole day.

Who picks the song?

You do! We are on hand every step on the way to guide and advise.

Can I choose any song in the whole world?!

Yes! Although with years of experience shooting marryokes we know what kind of songs work best. We'll work together to find the perfect song for your special day.

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